May 11, 2016

Photography Services

#1. Wedding photography


You want your wedding to be fully covered and represented even after it is over? This is the perfect professional who ensures that everything is cool and sound. Prior to your wedding day, a full analysis of the place is going to be done to ensure that all the complicated points are marked. The photos are then going to be taken even on the complicated positions that the couple would be. He works under all conditions to ensure that there is no quality compromise. No photo shop no photo decorations, all are presented as taken.

#2. Funeral photos


The love for a person could be so great that letting them go out of your eyes is very difficult. Janimae is here to ensure that no memory is lost from you, no bit of the last respect is left behind through the quality photos. Everything is well taken to ensure that it represent something memorable to trigger the true feeling of the occasion when people are viewing. Just make sure that you contact him early because every event place needs to be well checked to ensure that it is within the required parameters.

#3. Photo compiling


After the whole exercise is over, it is good to ensure that the photos are perfectly sorted and compiled. Normally they are delivered to the owner within the first seven days and they should be complete. For hard copy photos, they need to be in a special album in the desired size as ordered by the hirer. For soft copy, they could be either in a sand disk or CD but they need to have a background music. A short story is normally kept at the beginning to describe what happened then the photos to continue playing.